The Taming of the Shrew      by: William Shakespeare  produced by: Smith College  directed by: Portia Krieger  lights by: Barbara Samuels  costumes by: Kiki Smith
   The Love of the Nightingale       by: Timberlake Wertenbaker  produced by: Brown/Trinity Rep MFA Program  directed by: Caitlin O’Connell  lights by: Barbara Samuels  costumes by: Caitlin O’Connor
  HIR    by Taylor Mac  produced by: Shakespeare and Company  directed by: Alice Reagan  lights by: Deb Sullivan  costumes by: Charlotte Palmerlane  sound by: Amy Altadonna
   I’ll Never Love Again    by: Clare Barron  produced by: The Bushwick Starr  directed by: Michael Liebenluft  lights by: Mary Ellen Stebbins  costumes by: Karen Boyer
   I’ll Get You Back Again     by: Sarah Ganchar  produced by: Round House Theater  directed by: Rachel Chavkin  lights by: Nancy Shertler  costumes by: Brenda Abbandandolo  video by: Jared Mezzocchi
   The (*) Inn      by: Peretz Hirschbein  produced by: Target Margin Theater at Abrons Arts Center  directed by: David Herskovits  lights by: Lenore Doxsee  costumes by: Asta Bennie Hostetter
   Once in a Lifetime   by: Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman  produced by: NYU in the Atlas Room  directed by: Emma Griffin  lights by: Nick Solyom  costumes by: Haley Lieberman  photos by: Zack Brown and Ella Bromblin
   Of Government      by: Alex Borinsky  produced by: Clubbed Thumb Summerworks at The Wild Project  directed by: Jeremy Bloom  lights by: Seth Reiser  costumes by: Heather McDevitt Barton
   The Things That Were There      by: David Greenspan  produced by: The Bushwick Starr  directed by: Lee Sunday Evans  sets by: Carolyn Mraz  costumes by: Carolyn Mraz  lights by: Barbara Samuels
   Acquainted With the Night      by: Keith Reddin  produced by: NYU at The Shubert Theater  directed by: Rachel Chavkin  lights by: James E. Lawlor III  costumes by: Adrienne Carney  photos by Ella Bromblin and Anshuman Bhatia
   Yours Unfaithfully      by: Miles Malleson  produced by: The Mint  directed by: Jonathan Bank  lights by: Xavier Pierce  costumes by: Hunter Kaczorowski